Teaching Feeling Guide/Walkthrough

Life with a slave – Teaching Feelings Walkthrough/Guide

Version: 1.9.2

How to not Die (Very Beginning):

Never ever molest her. You will always get a bad end if you do.
Pat her head often to get intimacy up.

Choices you make in order:
Take the girl
The same meal as mine
I don’t do things like that
Let her handle simple housework
Go out together
A Pancake

After this you will lose the ability to molest her and gain the go out option. You should go out with her and go to the shop. Buy her the dress and tell her she’s cute in it.

Nurse her with care

After the nurse option you can’t get a bad ending anymore. At this point I had around 80 intimacy, I have no idea what amount you need but if you have troubles aim for that.

First Time:

Just pat her head and talk to her a lot and you will get scenes where you have to make choices.

Choices to make:
I will not betray you
Sleep with her
Kiss her – leads to first time

At this point I had like 170 intimacy.

Lust and Intimacy:

These are the two main stats for Sylvie.

Intimacy is increased by just interacting with Sylvie. Patting her head, going out with her, and just talking increases this stat. She has different tiers which is indicated by what she things of you which is shown above the Intimacy number. The best way to increase this is, in my opinion, is to pat her head/stroke her cheek a lot.

Lust is increased by having sexy times with Sylvie and by flowers. Lust is the major stat for unlocking the scenes in the game. By far the best way to increase this is by putting flowers in the tea.

She also has another status which shows how much she want to have sexy times. This is needed for some of the scenes as well as makes some of them easier to get.

The Ability to get Flowers:

The best way to increase lust is by flowers. But you have to unlock the ability to do that.

After Sylvie’s first time go to the market with Sylvie until you find the man who gave you Sylvie. He’ll give you the book that shows you the flowers and you will gain the ability to go to the forest with Sylvie to collect them by searching the area.

Pink flowers = increase lust
Blue flowers = decrease lust

To use them you have to get Sylvie’s lust to 10 by having sexy times and then you will have the option to spike the tea when its being made. A heavy amount of pink flowers will increase lust by 50.

So far there is no reason to use the blue flowers.


Kitchen 1-3: To get the kitchen scenes you have to make Sylvie wear only an apron, which can be bought at the shop, before going to bed. As long as you go to bed without doing anything while Sylvie is wearing only the apron you will wake up the next morning and you’ll get the option to attack her in the kitchen. If you can’t get the later ones increase Sylvie’s lust.

Outside 1-3: To get the outside scenes you have to make Sylvie wear the sleeveless dress which is the 2nd dress available from the shop. With her wearing that you need to go out to the forest with her and keep walking until she asks to take a break. Take a break and then kiss her which should trigger the scene. If you can’t get the later ones increase Sylvie’s lust.

Blowjob 1-3: This becomes available after simply increasing her lust. Its just an option next to To Bed. No clothes needed. If you can’t get the later ones increase Sylvie’s lust.

Neglect 1-3: To get these you have to neglect her for extended periods of time, which means no sexy times at all. After a couple of days of neglecting her she will come to you at night and ask to have sexy times. To get the first scene do her here, to get the later ones you have to refuse. She will ask again after a couple more days of neglect, accept for the second scene or refuse for the last one. After a couple more days you will get the last scene. There is no choice, it will just happen.

Masturbating 1-2: To get the first scene you have to go out alone and then come back without buying her any sweets. You might need a certain amount of lust so if it doesn’t proc consider increasing lust. To get the second scene you need to have her wear just your shirt, which is unlocked after the you get the first masturbating scene, and then at night you will have the option to have her masturbate.

Work 1-2: To get the work scenes you have to buy the nurse uniform from the shop. This unlocks the work option which is underneath the pat option. Click the work option and then continue until night where it has a chance to proc the scenes.


The shop is available throughout the game but unlocks more and more as the game goes on. I am not sure what makes the options unlock, I think it is tied to intimacy but could be wrong. There is also a night shop which is unlocked at a certain lust level. This can be accessed by going out alone at night.


Alcohol is available from the man who gave you Sylvie. To buy it simply go out alone during the day and you will have the option to buy alcohol. The only use I’ve found for it so far is to get her drunk at night and hear the things she says.

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