Labyrinth of Corruption


The goal of the game is to make it to the end of the 5th floor of the labyrinth. You have to fight through enemies, traps, and dead ends in order to find the end.


Turn based combat.


Attack: Basic attack that takes into account your damage and twohit chance vs your enemies defense.

Defend: Completely blocks the next enemy attack.

Health Potions – Heals for 50% maxHP.

Fireball – Deals 10 damage through armor.
Strength Up – Increases damage by 1 for the remainder of the fight.

Ally: Not implemented yet.


Attack: Regular attack that takes into account enemy damage and your defense/block chance

Charge: Charges a super hit that hits for 3 times the enemies attack

Floor 1 Boss:
Puncture – Deal 7 damage through defense.

Floor 2 Minion:
Pincer – Deal 5 damage through defense.

Floor 2 Boss:
Eliminate – Deal 10 damage through defense.
Dismantle – Deal damage equal to 1/5 of current hp through armor.
Bunker – Increase defense by 100 for 1 turn.


Home – Sends you home unless you are in combat.

Help – Sends you to this page.

Save – Saves the game. Game also saves every time a new day passes.

Stats – Opens the stats menu that allows you to put your level up points into stats.

Gear – Manage the gear you found in the dungeon or created yourself.


Home is where you can pass the day and manage your buildings. To get buildings you must find the diagrams for them in the labyrinth. Building and upgrading them cost gold and each have their own passive effect that helps you in the labyrinth and something you can buy to help you even further.


Buildings can greatly help in the labyrinth. you can find the diagrams in the labyrinth and then build them at home when you have enough gold. Currently only 4 buildings are available.

Sleep: Starts a new day that fills your hp and any other daily things you might get.

Labyrinth Entrance:
Level 1: Nothing. You start with this.
Level 2: Heals you for 1 for every movement in the labyrinth.
Level 3: Grants sight to some important places in the labyrinth when you first enter it.

Potion Center:
Level 1: Grants 1 free health pot daily.
Level 2: Grants 2 free health pot daily.
Level 3: Give ability to buy potions to help in combat.

Rune Emporium:
Level 1: Grants the ability to use Fireball in combat.
Level 2: Grants the ability to use Strength Up in combat.
Level 3: Grants the ability to use Poison in Combat.


HP – Your hitpoints. Get 1 after every level up. If it reaches zero you get sent back home and a new day starts.

Damage – The amount of damage you do per hit. If you have 8 then you do 8 damage per hit before the opponents defense comes into play.

Defense – The amount of damage you block per attack.

2xHit – The percent chance you sill perform 2 attacks instead of 1.

Block – The percent change you block the entire attack leaving you with no damage taken.

Gold increase – The percent increase you get from every gold drop. At 10% you will get 11 gold instead of 10 gold per drop.

XP increase – Same as gold except with XP instead.

TIPS: You will always take at least 1 damage from an attack so too much defense is sometimes not a good idea.


Gear can be found in the labyrinth or made with a building later on in the game. Currently only two pieces are available to find.

Vampiric Helm – Grants 10% Lifesteal.

Poison Sword – Increases damage by 3.


There is a map for each labyrinth floor that gets uncovered as you discover the tiles. It can be clicked on to change its color in order to mark certain parts of the map that you would like to remember or avoid.

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